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About SIA

Indonesia is a multicultural country which consists of more than three hundred ethnic groups, each of which has a background of culture, art, religion, language and traditions that are unique and have been developed over centuries. The development of Indonesian culture has been influenced by the interaction between the indigenous culture and the influx of foreign culture.

Geographically before 1944 (before Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste achieved self-determination) Indonesia was Australia’s closest neighbour. As neighbouring countries Indonesia and Australia certainly possess a long historical journey. An Indonesian prover states that “Neighbours are our closest relatives” which, as a moral teaching, has always promoted maintaining good relations with the closest people around us. Regardless of cultural backgrounds, foreign policies and economic circumstances it is in our best interest to always keep good relations with our neighbours.

We, Synergy Indonesia Australia (SIA), are an Event Organiser made up of seven committee members and we are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner in managing events.

Our Mission

To promote the Indonesian culture in Australia by exploring and developing the synergies that exists between the two nations. Australia and Indonesia have two cultures which will collaborate through a range of unique and exciting activities at the festival.

Our Objective

  • To bring together the Indonesian and Australian communities in Brisbane and around Australia.
  • To provide an opportunity for businesses and government officials from Indonesia and Australia to meet and network.
  • To promote and encourage the socializing of multicultural society that is in Brisbane and surrounding areas.
  • To attract both domestic and foreign tourists, given the festivals central location.

About Brisbane

Queensland, the Sunshine State!

Brisbane city is located South East of Queensland, Australia. Although smaller than its neighbouring cities, Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane or sometimes known as “Brisvegas” by tourists, is the new world city. Its current population sits at approximately 1.8million people, making it the third largest city in Australia. It has a multicultural population with 21.7% of residents born overseas and 16% speaking a language other than English.

Brisbane is one of the major business centres in Australia. Its key sectors include tourism infrastructure, food and beverage, creative industries, manufacturing, logistics, distribution & aviation, life sciences and information and communication technology.

Brisbane is rich in culture. This is evident through the large diversity of race, art, food, cafes, events & festivals, bars, sports and many more within the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

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